What are the benefits of networking my controller

There are 2 options when it comes to connecting to your controller.  The first would be connecting directly to the controller via the USB cable provided by Speech Privacy Systems.  The second would be connecting to your controller over your local network.  The benefits of connecting over the network are that you can access the controller remotely from any computer on that same network or sub-network.  It will allow you to make adjustment while in the area you are adjusting instead of be plugged into the controller in you IT closet.  Networking the controller is not a requirement and unnecessary in some applications.  Once the masking volume is set for your space, there should be no need to make adjustments on a regular basis so if you choose to access the controller via USB, you will not need to access it very often.  

**NOTE:  The controller must be networked and have an assigned static ip to utilize the mobile app.

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